DIY Destiny Group Program

Create The Life That’s Meant For You

You’ve got all your ducks in a row: the home, the job, the partner, the kidlets.  You’ve hustled hard to get here, but….where’s the joy? You know, that joy that was supposed to come with the row of ducks in place?  

You’re quietly freaking out.  It’s dawning on you that you’re living out someone else’s blueprint for your life.  And the days keep zipping by and you’re no closer to knowing the best direction to take your life.

  • Whoa.  
  • Don’t panic.  
  • You’re not crazy.  

You’re awakening to your True Self.  The unique YOU that desperately wants to be expressed in this one and only life.   

You Crave Clarity 

You really just want clarity, certainty, and a new direction that feels right inside your bones.  You’re feeling the sting of sunken cost, of all the energy and time you’ve poured into your current life.  But you’re terrified of wasting another second of living out fake fulfillment.

You need expert insight to unravel the ways you haven’t been true to yourself.  You need the tried-and-true skills to re-learn how to dream. And you want the kind of support that can only come from someone who’s been there too.

Sound familiar?

  • You want to live your own dream but you don’t even know what that dream is!
  • You feel behind, like it’s too late to start a more meaningful direction.
  • You’re secretly afraid that this is all there is to life.  You worry that you might be crazy for wanting more for yourself.

If you were shaking your head ‘Yes!!’ to the above questions, then, my friend, my group coaching program, DIY Destiny, is for you!


 Time To Create The Life That’s Meant For You

DIY Destiny is a 7-week, group coaching program that will give you the clarity of direction you crave, the tools to embark on this journey effectively, and techniques to fast-track your progress.  

And, for a very limited time, you can register for just 3 payments of $260 USD (or one payment of $780 USD). Group size will be kept small for deeper transformation - there's only a limited number of spots available.  

*Prices subject to change for 2019*

  • “FANTASTIC! I loved it. I am now more aware of how I posture and perfect when I feel threatened and I have tools that I can use to bring forth my “True Self”. Feeling my emotions and having language around them is an area that Jen Reed is amazing at guiding people through. I would recommend this workshop and program to everyone!”

    Co-Active Life & Leadership Coach

  • “ Jen's ability to hold space and skillfully ask questions helped open me to my own wisdom and enabled me to connect to my power quickly. I worked with Jen at a pivotal time in my life. I was bringing a new business to launch and her coaching helped make the process less stressful and more empowered. And, through the connections made through the process, the positive effects extended far beyond my business, greatly enriching my personal life as well!”

    Birth & Family Professional

  • “DIY Destiny helped me to find clarity and direction for myself. Jen's energy and teaching ease, in combination with her personal examples, make it fun to listen to and inspired me to evolve major parts of my own life. We all only have one life. Striving for happiness for oneself and loved ones is a natural goal to work towards. Jen's program helped me achieve just that!”

    Marketing Professional

Meet Jen Reed:

Jen Reed is a certified and accredited Life Coach, Mindfulness Specialist, and Truth Sleuth. She teaches and coaches working parents how to overcome overwhelm, align with their authenticity, and soulfully start the life path that's meant for them.


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What You'll Get

  • Weekly video training modules covering the 7 Steps to DIY Destiny
  • LIVE weekly zoom video calls with Jen and opportunities for spotlight coaching
  • Workbooks for each module
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Camaraderie with a tight-knit tribe of like-minded souls

BONUS 1:  FREE private 1:1 Coaching session with Jen for the first 3 people registered!  (Value: $290 USD)

BONUS 2:  Jen’s Simple Mindful Shifts audio program for FREE.  Bring ease and calm back into your life with these awesome exercises. (Value: $90 USD)

BONUS 3 - The extraordinary Ellany Lea will be joining for a one-time, LIVE zoom session where she reveals insights on freedom at the intersection of entrepreneurship, enlightenment and enchantment. She's never shared this live before! Ella runs a six-figure business as she roams the world, currently on country 110 out of 196.  Her wisdom to liberate overachievers and catapult them onto their new life path is astonishing. Such an exciting addition to DIY Destiny!  (Value: $497 USD)

*Bonuses subject to change for 2019.

7 Weekly Modules

Week One:  Clear The Path

Create space in your life for actual change to unfold. Let go, say no, and calm your Inner Busy, so you become a Zenned-Out Mo-Fo whether or not life rages crazy around you.

Week Two: Unmask Your True Self

Begin to separate what’s true for you and what’s a download from someone else’s blueprint.  Reclaim your whole self and start to feel fully integrated in a way you’ve never felt before!  

Week Three:  Begin The Quest

Learn how to summon courage and own your role as the creator of your own life. And how to forge ahead even though it’s foggy and crazy scary.

Week Four: Collect the Clues

Learn to listen to the subtle signals within you so that you can recalibrate your inner knowing.  Then you will have a reliable internal compass always guiding you to your right path.

Week Five: Conquer Doubts & Obstacles

Detractors are going to get loud now.  Your own inner critic is going to throw a party and it isn’t the fun kind. Learn the tools to conquer doubts and fear and the best techniques for surmounting obstacles.

Week Six:  Stay Aligned

Discover how to stay committed to your new path when the mo-jo fades.  Learn how to operate in the mode of The New You so that so that you can finally live out that life that is meant for uniquely you.

Week Seven:  Dynamic Planning

How to create and activate plans that work with the grain of life instead of against it (at the expense of your health and sanity).  Feel flow and ease en route to your destination, not just when you arrive.