Create Plans That Work

It's about this time of year when we all crack into grand plans for the coming year.  Our health, our love lives, and our career trajectories go under the microscope.  Then we dutifully map out changes.

Sadly, most plans just don't get used.  They don't inspire us to take action or help us layer in new habits.

Here’s how most plans fall flat:

  1. Annual timeframe =  a year is too far into the future to access future influences.
  2. Too many goals = scattered focus; appear to be doing a lot but actually achieve less.
  3. Mentally-driven = ignores the way we really make decisions which also involves the heart, body, and intuition.

Want a plan that you'll actually stick to? 

Want to get laser-focused on how to improve your life?  

What I call Dynamic Planning is more usable and delivers better results. 

And I've made a free planner for you to download, use, and keep.

Here’s how it’s different.  

  1. Uses shorter timeframe =  90-days is short enough that you can better estimate influencing factors and long enough that you don’t get stuck in monthly planning mode.
  2. Leverage focus = select just two areas of your life and create just one goal for each of these areas. This sharpens your focus which is correlated with better results.  
  3. Include your experience = when you evaluate results, check in with your experience. You're not a robot. Your experience affects the quality of everything you do. It's an important data point!

It’s easy, usable, and you can start right away.  

Download it now to get started!

Jen Reed is a certified, accredited Life Coach and Mindfulness Specialist. She teaches and coaches working parents how to overcome overwhelm and triumph over work-life balance stress. You really can Do Less & Live More. 

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